● my birthday @ Thursday, May 28, 2009 ●

my birthday's just round the corner- okay its not exactly round the corner, but still.... its close!
6 june, yup yup, thats my birthday. i expect lots of texts sent on wrong day wishing me happy birthday (like last year. i got texts on 2nd june and other random days)

i'm hoping i'll just get cash for my presents (from my family) this year. it's not like they can read my mind or anything.
but if you REALLY must know (okay this is more for my benefit but WHATEVER besides its not like anyone is reading my blog), i'd like:
the 9pc vegan brush set http://magicaltannsu-instocks.blogspot.com/2009/05/9pc-vegan-seduction-brush-set.html

the concealer palette cause i just want it. http://magicaltannsu-instocks.blogspot.com/2009/04/camouflage-cream-palette.html

the cherry blossom showergel and body butter from thebodyshop. it smells great.

skinny bootcut jeans, preferably in a slight acid washed colour


some nyx products i guess. i'd love to own every single round lipstick and megashine lip gloss they have, plus all the concealer in a jar too. its for the sake of owning things. i'm such a b***h. (im getting a beige though, but i want more than just ONE. im like, NC23? im more of a neutral actually. my veins look greenish AND blueish.)and their blushes! and eyeshadows! and jumbo pencils!

more money so i can quickly get my rin costume, wig and all. the version im cosing is the gothic one, its one post down. or two.

shoes. boots. wedges. all that.

benefit's hello flawless!

revlon colourstay with softplex, both the normal/dry and combination/oily skin one.

wayyyyy more clothes. i love long sleeved shirts, racer backs, kind-of-figure-hugging stuff, cargo pants, punkish/gothicish skirts (though i've never tried one), thigh high socks, beanies, french hats, fedoras, clothes that have great quotes (such as this one i have that's a gift from my japanese friends. it says, "die a lonely death, all alone in the world." its emo, i know, but i like it.)

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah i cant think of much now, just chat me or something.

wasuretai, demo wasurenai